Digitize Your Claims Experience


MyALE HOME is an easy-to-use application designed to bring all the information you need to manage and understand your stay to the palm of your hand.

With MyALE HOME, you’ll get:

  • Direct line of communication to all your points of contact
  • Complete overview of past, present, and future temporary housing stay(s)
  • Receipt capture allows you to track expenses against ALE limit
  • Easy way to submit your receipts to your adjuster for faster reimbursement
  • And more…

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Streamlined Portal

Manage all aspects of your temporary housing assignments—from placing a new long-term housing request to a hotel stay—through an easy-to-use, consolidated dashboard.

Integrated Technology

MyALE integrates with carriers’ claim platforms to streamline temporary housing management.

Flexible Interfaces

With MyALE’s role-specific interfaces, adjusters can receive time-sensitive email notifications and access on-demand housing costs and invoices. Managers can view all claims, track billing, and analyze key performance metrics.

Adjuster Portal


The MyALE online claims management portal gives adjusters and managers a simple way to manage hotel and long-term claims from any device.

MyALE Phone App
Adjuster back-end app screen
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