Catastrophe Logistics

When wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters take place, ALE’s dedicated CAT Logistics Team meets the needs of the affected area with a scalable disaster response model.

ALE Solutions

Since 2001, ALE has successfully found housing for displaced policyholders and adjusters during catastrophes.

For Adjusters

ALE provides comprehensive logistical support to adjusters during catastrophes, from securing hotel reservations to compiling detailed invoices.

For Policyholders

ALE's team secures rental properties on policyholders’ behalf and ensures that there are no out-of-pocket costs for a hotel or property rental.

What We Offer

Boots on the Ground

When more than the storm is on the move, allow ALE to maximize your response. In times of disaster, our experience has no equal. We are on-site, ready to act.

Streamlined Disaster Response

ALE’s CAT Logistics Team is designed to start acting as soon as disaster strikes.

Administrative Support

ALE’s dedicated CAT Team seamlessly executes each customized CAT program, securing cost-effective, local hotel lodging and handling all needed extensions.

Boots on the Ground

Experienced CAT Team members are deployed to the affected site within 24 hours to support adjusters and secure limited hotel rooms.

Cost Control

Dedicated finance personnel review hotel room and tax charges and prepare consolidated invoices to make sure carriers are paying the correct amount.

Hotel Resources

ALE’s hotel professionals secure chain-wide and property-specific rate agreements with hotels across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply calling our hotel hotline at 866-587-1395 will connect you with a caring ALE specialist day or night. We provide extra staff around the clock in our call center during times of high demand to make certain that adjuster and policyholder alike are responded to quickly.

We are there and ready to serve! We get to the impacted area within 24 hours of the catastrophic event. Our “Boots on the Ground” strategy allows us to secure much-needed properties and hotel rooms in a “first come, first served” environment.

Because of our deep relationships and significant buying power with hotel providers across the country, ALE has access to inventory often not posted on a hotel website and we receive priority booking in times of disaster.

ALE monitors weather activity 24/7/365. ALE anticipates a storm’s path to reserve hotel rooms in advance of the event to ensure availability in periods of high demand.

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