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1:14 PM / June 7, 2013 / Columbus, OH

A happy reunion with Dakota helps Lily feel at home in her new yard as their damaged home is restored. Our pet friendly solutions bring smiles!

7:27 AM / October 7, 2013 / Madison, WI

Monday's walk to school remains a breeze for Rich and Ava, as ALE found a temporary home in the same neighborhood as their damaged residence.

6:43 AM / April 25, 2013 / Marion, KS

A farmhouse is damaged by a tornado. The chore of finding housing was made easy when ALE delivered a furnished travel trailer to the farm.

Don't Spin Your Wheels on Cycle Time

ALE finds the house. You have your policyholder's undivided attention.

Engaging ALE Housing Solutions to assist your policyholders with their temporary housing needs makes them available to help you with time-sensitive tasks such as selecting a contractor and itemizing contents.

Unnecessary nights in a hotel come with a premium of time, money and policyholder comfort. The key to transitioning back to home is having an efficient resource to manage complex problems and time-sensitive issues. ALE handles the details and keeps you up to date, seeking your approval as needed. You control the claim.

ALE makes it personal by matching the unique needs of policyholders. We find the most ideal housing, normally in the family's same neighborhood and within 24 hours of the initial referral.

ALE partners with you to raise the level of service to the policyholder, earning trust with each claim. We make it easy to adjust.

ALE was able to set me up with housing within 24 hours of the tornado while all my neighbors were searching for a place to stay.


Lost home to tornado

How It All Works

ALE comforts families by unlocking the complexities of the temporary housing process.

From your referral, our experienced housing professionals serve both the needs of the adjuster and policyholder, coordinating every aspect. We maximize your professional time, minimize your incurred expenses, and enhance your policyholder’s satisfaction.

Through ALE's optimal housing solutions provide a high level of personalized service from the start.

5 Easy Steps from Referral to Move Out

Housing Solutions

The Adjuster Refers the Policyholder to ALE

  • The Adjuster places a referral with ALE via the most convenient channel
  • ALE's Call Center is always staffed to provide immediate service
  • Single point of contact provides daily updates to adjuster through their preferred method
  • A search is initiated for suitable, cost-effective housing options
Housing Solutions

ALE Connects with the Policyholder

  • Policyholder is contacted by an experienced Relocation Specialist within 15 minutes
  • A unique "toll-free" number is provided to each policyholder for direct access to the Relocation Specialist
  • The Relocation Specialist identifies needs and "hand holds" the policyholder through the entire process
  • An emphasis is placed on securing matched leases within the policyholder's neighborhood
Housing Solutions

The Policyholder Selects Housing Option

  • Like, kind and quality housing options are presented to the adjuster for approval within 24 hours
  • A Relocation Specialist arranges for a policyholder viewing of the approved housing options
  • Lease paperwork, furniture, appliances, and housewares are coordinated by ALE
  • The policyholder authorizes ALE to direct-bill the insurance company
  • A quality assurance call is placed to the policyholder after move-in
Housing Solutions

Extended Stay Requests Are Accommodated

  • Once the repair duration is understood, the optimal housing plan is modified
  • ALE manages the needed lease extensions should the repair time exceed the initial lease term
  • As repairs progress, ALE can extend under pre-negotiated terms
  • A courtesy 45-day reminder is provided to the adjuster prior to the lease end date
  • The adjuster-approved moves and extensions are coordinated by ALE on policyholder’s behalf
Housing Solutions

Hassle-Free Move-Out

  • A move-out "checklist" is provided to policyholder
  • ALE coordinates the return of policyholder security deposit
  • The policyholder happily moves home to their permanent residence

5 months: Average length of stay in temporary housing.

60% of policyholders require pet-friendly housing.

94% of policyholders transition from a hotel.

80% of policyholder’s leases are extended.

67% of placements involve a family with children.

75% of properties are rented unfurnished.

Dedicated Teams to Serve You

Committed and creative professionals strive to set new levels of customer service and value in the insurance industry. Most bring skills and insight from experience in the insurance, real estate, housing and hospitality industries. All share a deep sense of accomplishment in serving adjusters and families in need. Always performing at the highest level to make the housing process simple and easy. Everyone at ALE serves customers with integrity and heart.

Housing Solutions

Extraordinary Empathy & Expertise

We have you covered every step of the way with personalized housing solutions.

One night or 3 bedrooms
As close to home as possible
From couch to coffee maker
Including the pet food dish
Special needs addressed
Connections coordinated
We offer free fair rental valuations
Serving you coast to coast
We're with you every minute of the day
We remove language barriers

One night or 3 bedrooms

One night or 3 bedrooms

Whether a brief hotel stay or longer term need, we arrange the most appropriate accommodations. Options range from hotels to single-family homes, apartments and on-site mobile homes.

As close to home as possible

As close to home as possible

Not only do we find the best comparable property at the best possible rate; we also strive to ensure that it is located in the neighborhood of the damaged site.

From couch to coffee maker

From couch to coffee maker

Once the appropriate housing has been secured, we provide all the necessary furnishings and appliances – everything, right down to the towels and linens.

Including the pet food dish

Including the pet food dish

If your policyholder is also a pet owner, we’ll find a property that accommodates these special family members.

Special needs addressed

Special needs addressed

Some policyholders may have unique requirements such as being physically challenged or working from a home office. We will satisfy those needs within the parameters of your budget.

Connections coordinated

Connections coordinated

When necessary, we can facilitate the transfer of your policyholder’s utility services. So the lights and water are quickly up and running.

We offer free fair rental valuations

We offer free fair rental valuations

At your request, we can provide a professional assessment of your policyholder’s residential property.

Serving you coast to coast

Serving you coast to coast

No matter where your policyholder is located nationwide – from a rural farm to an urban high-rise - our housing professionals have the local market knowledge to act quickly and wisely on your company’s behalf.

We're with you every minute of the day

We are with you every minute of the day

From the moment you contact us, we are at your beck and call, night and day. Weekends or holidays, we are here whatever the need. To answer your questions, to solve your problems, to solve your policyholder's problems.

We remove language barriers

We remove language barriers

Our translation services can improve communication and prevent misunderstandings by speaking to your policyholders in their first language.


How do I justify using your service versus doing it myself?

When do I call ALE Solutions?

How do I submit a housing request?

How soon can my insured be placed in housing?

How does your housing process work?

How are security deposits handled?

How does your billing work?

What paperwork does my policyholder sign?

Will someone notify me before the lease ends?

Who will handle utility connections?

How do you handle pets?

How important is my commitment to the length of stay?

How do you locate housing nationwide?

What is provided with each temporary residence?

What does providing the "optimum property" mean?


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