MyALE Claims Portal

Simple. Mobile. Personal.

MyALE claims management portal provides adjusters and managers a simple and convenient tool to manage policyholder housing from any device. MyALE’s sleek interface allows management of all aspects of your temporary housing assignments through an easy-to-use, consolidated and personalized dashboard.

Through proactive text or e-mail notifications, MyALE streamlines an adjuster’s most common time sensitive housing tasks. From placing a new housing request to extending a hotel stay, MyALE redefines productivity by reducing the number of phone calls per claim. Work smart, not more.


Adjuster Interface

Claims Management


Adjuster Interface

  • On the go - Optimized user interface for all mobile devices
  • Simplified housing requests
  • Time-sensitive notifications via email or text
  • Authorize hotel or property lease extensions
  • Real-time hotel and long term housing costs
  • On demand invoices and statements
  • Manage personalized profile and customize preferences
  • One click connects you to your ALE Account Manager
Claims Management
Claims Management

One View

Manager Interface

Claims Management

One View

Manager Interface

  • Manage claims by region, team, adjuster or event
  • Reassign claims and make authorizations on adjuster's behalf
  • Track billing and open balances
  • View costs against policy limit
  • Self-serve ability to sort and filter claims data on demand
  • Analyze key performance metrics
  • Spot cost drivers along the claim cycle
  • Leverage MyALE with your smart devices for greater efficiency

ALE Training

Make your life a little easier - learn from our experience and expertise. Our training will help you improve your customer service while controlling your expenses.

Temporary Housing for ALE Claims

Our core skill-building course gives the adjuster insight into all aspects of the temporary housing process. The adjuster will learn to identify cost drivers, avoid common pitfalls, and more cost-effectively manage temporary housing for their displaced insured.

MyALE Webinars

Join us for a personal introduction to the MyALE claims portal. You will be guided through a live demonstration of MyALE from the initial login, through a tour of the adjuster and manager interfaces. Learn about the benefits of using MyALE in managing claims.

Below are just some of the frequently asked questions asked by first-time customers using ALE Solutions. Should you have any questions, not listed here, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.


How do I justify using your service versus doing it myself?

When do I call ALE Solutions?

How do I submit a housing request?

How soon can my insured be placed in housing?

How does your housing process work?

How are security deposits handled?

How does your billing work?

What paperwork does my policyholder sign?

Will someone notify me before the lease ends?

Who will handle utility connections?

How do you handle pets?

How important is my commitment to the length of stay?

How do you locate housing nationwide?

What is provided with each temporary residence?

What does providing the "optimum property" mean?


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