Carrier Program

Teaming for Success

ALE is first to take the mystery out of pricing.

No two carriers are alike. Each faces a challenge to differentiate in order to retain and attract policyholders. It is no longer practical to take a passive approach to policyholders needing housing. ALE has long understood the importance of listening to the unique needs of carriers and responding with a consultative, measurable and tailored response. Expand your adjusting process at first notice of loss (FNOL) and beyond by seamlessly integrating a proven housing partner. ALE's Carrier Program is the solution.

ALE is the first housing company to offer an open-book-pricing model to our customers. This innovative approach is a central reason behind the selection of ALE as a preferred housing provider.

Service level agreements for service performed is set up with 95% of our customers.

The average hotel savings is greater than 10%.

ALE’s Net Promoter score is consistently above 50.


Carrier Program

Listen. Lend. Leverage. Learn. Loop.

Carrier Program

We listen to your needs

  • Our consultative approach matches our proven experience with a carrier’s unique needs
  • Our benchmarks and key performance metrics are identified based on the carrier’s indemnity and service level objectives
  • Our cost drivers are identified early in the discovery process
  • Our proven housing solutions are tailored to your needs

We lend our extensive experience

  • We are the industry’s most tenured team of housing professionals
  • Our insightful management reports are designed around carrier needs
  • We have real-time claim tracking
  • We have customizable FNOL response
  • We offer industry trend analysis and insight
Carrier Program

We leverage our buying power

  • You benefit from the aggregate volume of all ALE customers
  • We are adept at finding short-term rentals at optimum rates
  • We are the largest non-governmental renter of furniture
  • We provide policyholders more than one million room nights annually
  • We offer reduced indemnity exposure realized by carrier
Carrier Program
Carrier Program

You learn from our measuring

  • We identify operational synergies to reduce cycle time and minimize touch points
  • Our key metrics are analyzed to identify performance opportunities
  • We optimize service to policyholders through customer service survey results

We strive for continuous improvements

  • Our executives perform periodic reviews of program effectiveness
  • Our fully implemented housing program leads to operational consistency
  • We offer a clear escalation process for policyholder feedback
  • We utilize housing program to enhance net promoter evaluations
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